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We offer a wide range of services for your vehicle from servicing and repairs to diagnostic and air conditioning services, get it all from the same place. To book an appointment or for any enquiries please contact us today.

Get your vehicle's electrics inspected or repaired by the professionals.

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Vehicle diagnostics in Redruth

Have you got a fault with the electrics on your vehicle? Perhaps you have a fault code on your dash board and you don't know what it means?


Don't leave a problem when it could become worse or dangerous. With our latest diagnostic equipment we can quickly identify the problem and offer you a quote for any repairs that may be required.

Affordable service

Save yourself the cost and hassle of having to go to a dealership. Vintec Automotive in Redruth are within easy reach of Porthtowan, Camborne and Baldhu. We offer a quality and efficient service to cause minimum disruption to you.

Our diagnostic services include:

•  Engine management

•  ABS/ESP faults

•  Air bag faults

•  Electrical faults

•  Air conditioning faults

•  And much more

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